Dental Emergencies in Spotswood

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Whether you woke up with a severe toothache or your child broke a tooth while playing, Melbourne Road Dental Surgery has the perfect solution! Book your appointment today!

Effective Dental 
Emergency Responses

Did you break, dislodge or split a tooth? Do you have pain, swelling or a wound?

Have you lost a crown, filling or a tooth? Then you need emergency treatment.

Contact us, we can help!

You’ll be booked for an emergency appointment, but more importantly, you’ll be guided and helped over the phone with what’s relevant to you, to your situation.

You won’t be left by yourself in this extremely stressful time. Promise!

Quick and professional emergency dental solutions at your fingertips.

Dental Emergencies Spotswood
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Types of 
Dental Emergencies

At Melbourne Road Dental Surgery, dentistry is our profession, but our patients are our main focus. When you visit our dental haven, we'll take X-rays and perform physical examinations to accurately determine the root cause of your dental issues.

With over 16 years of practice under their belts, our professionals are here to handle the following:

  • Toothache
  • Broken tooth repair
  • Loose or broken crowns
  • Tooth loss or trauma
  • Chipped or fractured teeth
  • Emergency tooth extraction
  • Bleeding gums and gum disease

Give us a call and let us take care of everything!

Comprehensive array of emergency dental treatments.


Dental Emergencies Williamstown

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